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Heritage. It is a word that invokes memories of family and friends, of pride in your community and of things done right. Embracing these values, Sandy Creek Properties and Brazier Construction are once again collaborating to develop a subdivision worth investing and living in.  Located in the historic and beautiful town of Weatherford, Heritage Pointe is a mixed use subdivision combining attractive and well-designed single-family homes utilizing French Country exteriors with a few luxury townhomes located therein. Located just a half a mile northeast of the courthouse at the intersection of Denton and Front Streets, the site provides the perfect blend of quiet, countryside tranquil living and accessibility to Weatherford’s commercial district via the newly constructed Jack Borden Way.  Click here for a map and directions.

Townhome Specifics
Sandy Creek Properties offers a number of carefully designed floorplans to fit the needs of almost anyone.  We welcome you judge for yourself by exploring our each of our unique floor plans to see which one suits you best.

Sandy Creek Properties, LLC - The Villas at Heritage PointeEach town home is located on a 33 ft wide x 110 ft deep lot. Of this depth, each owner will have a 25 ft deep front yard and a 25 ft deep back yard. As a standard, an automatic sprinkler system is included with each front yard. Each back yard is enclosed with a 6 foot privacy fence and access gate.

Due to the slope of the development’s property, town home foundations are stepped such that any given town home is approximately 12-18” lower than its neighbor. The development will be surrounding along Upper Denton Road and the new Tremont Street extension by columned brick walls with two landscaped entrances in addition to having a number of sandstone retaining walls adding to the development’s strikingly attractive appearance. To further add to the Heritage Pointe development’s character, each town home will utilize a different rock or brick face than the home on either side. This will give each home is own unique and varied look.

What is a Townhome?

A town home is a single-family home which may be attached to other single-family homes on one or both sides. A town home is not an apartment and it is not a condominium. Unlike apartments and possibly condominiums, residents of town homes will not have anyone living in a separate “unit” above them or under them.  Each town home is located on an individually platted lot and is separated from its adjoining neighbors via firewall's which extend from the foundation to the roof structure. In addition, town home maintenance assessments (or HOA dues) are generally substantially less than their condominium counterparts. Condominium owners only own the airspace within their “unit” and must pay high monthly assessments for their share of insurance and the overall maintenance of the entire building or subdivision in which their “unit” is located.  Owners of our town homes, however, enjoy low monthly assessments, because the homes within Greathouse are neither covered under a blanket insurance policy nor are they maintained by the association. Therefore, while our owners are still bound by the deed restrictions and covenants of the subdivision, they enjoy the freedom to shop insurance and maintenance costs at their discretion.

Advantages of a Townhome

  • Less maintenance – the HOA is responsible for Common Area and front lawn maintenance
  • Homeowners association (HOA) – protect your property values by actively participating in the HOA and get a stronger sense of community through HOA functions
  • Lower homeowners insurance premiums – rates can be up to 10% lower than a single home of equivalent value
  • Amenities – residents can expect to enjoy the exclusive neighborhood playground & park, landscaped entrance and common areas
  • Get more for your money – town home architecture inherently allows buyers to get more value for their money, as any single home of equal content would cost far more to construct than its town home equivalent
  • Security – nearby neighbors adds for a more inherently secure neighborhood


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